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 One Carat Diamond Package


Your One Carat Diamond Package
at New Delhi Restaurant will include:

Two Appetizers

Cocktail Vegetable Samosa - Turnovers filled with lightly spiced potatoes.
Hariyali Murg Tikka - Barbecued chicken in a mint and coriander marinade.

One Entrees

Chicken Masala - A medium curry blended with onion, ginger, garlic, coriander and tumeric.
Rogan Josh - Rich lamb curry, Kashmiri style.

Two Vegetarian Dish

Sag Paneer - Spinach cooked with homemade soft cheese and roasted garlic.
Baigan Masala-  Eggplant cooked with mild spices.

Accompanied with

Kali Dal New Delhi - Slow simmered black lentils with ginger and tomatoes
Peas Pullao - Saffron flavored Basmati rice with green peas.
Raita - Homemade yogurt with cucumber
Nan - Leavend soft bread made with flour dough and baked in the Tandoor.

One Dessert

Aam Kheer - Chilled rice pudding with Alfanso mango float.

$25 to $32 per person plus tax plus gratuity.

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Does not include items from our creative specialty menu.
Specialized selected from West, East, North and South is also available upon request.
Price includes dinner and kitchen service only.