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Exotic House Drinks

New Delhi Sunset: An exotic combination of grapefruit juice, vodka, grenadine, and sparking lemonade $4.95

Kashmiri Delight: Our specialty of Pimms No. 1 served chilled, garnished with lime $4.95

Lassi: A reshing drink with home-made yogurt, served sweet or salted $3.00

Oh' Calcutta: A recipe stolen from a famous bar in Calcutta - with brandy, gin, lime and lemonade $5.95

Taj Express: A Seventh wonder created with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, vodka and white rum $5.95

Bombay Negroni: Bombay gin, sweet Vermouth and Campari twist $6.95

Madras Madness: Light and dark rum with mango pulp and grenadine $6.95

Lychee Martini: With our infused vodka. A tropical delight $7.95

Delhi Wala: Lemon drop with an Indian attitude $6.95

Indian Beer Large: $8.00 Regular: $5.00

Mango Lassi: A refreshing drink with home-made yogurt and Indian Alfanso mango pulp $3.00

Nimbu Pani: A popular Indian style sparkling lemonade with lemon lime and rose water $3.00