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Speed Cooking New World Spices presents a private cooking demonstration with Master Chef Ranjan Dey featuring the authentic flavors of India. Learn Ranjan’s signature “Speed Scratch” style of Indian cooking. Tasty, healthy, quick and easy dishes with his own six gourmet spice blend.

From ancient palaces of India to modern kitchens, hand blended masalas remain a treasured element of the finest cooking. The rich spices found in these blends are imported from their native countries and hand blended with the utmost care in the kitchens of New Delhi Restaurant by chef and owner Ranjan Dey. Ranjan’s inspiration came from researching the favorite dishes of many royal families who ruled India centuries ago.

Participants will also enjoy tasting the dishes demonstrated and everyone will take home an award-winning gift set of six gourmet spice blends with a complete Indian meal planner. This event can be organized with or without a meal featuring some of the dishes demonstrated in the cooking class.

On Site:
Suggested sessions 9am to 11am or 3pm to 5pm.

Minimum 10 persons. Maximum 60 persons.

Restaurant buyouts with minimum of 40 persons. Flexible sessions available.

Off Site:
This event can be organized in a hotel, office, private venues, for clubs or associations and other cities outside San Francisco.