Who is Ranjan?

Ranjan Dey

Ranjan Dey is the man behind the first New Delhi Restaurant at San Francisco in 1988. He started his career in the food business at the age of 14 at Calcutta’s Park Hotel as a vegetable cutter.
After finishing high school, he graduated from Institute of Catering Technology, Hotel Management  and Applied Nutrition. But during all this, he kept his part-time evening job in different hotels.

He then worked at the Grand and Great Eastern Hotels in Calcutta before he moving to New Delhi where he worked in Akbar and Janpath Hotels. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Ranjan spent two years as a
senior Chef in the kitchens of the Maurya Sheraton Hotel in New Delhi.
Ranjan Dey is very passionate about promoting Indian culture and cuisine. New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating its 21th anniversary in the same location in November 2008. The New York Times has voted
New Delhi Restaurant as the Best Indian Restaurant. Former President Clinton has visited Ranjan several times when he is in town to meet with the local Indian leaders. Julia Child, Chef Paul Prudhomme, Graham Kerr, Martin Yan, and Jerry De Vecchio, Senior Food Editor of Sunset Magazine,
are some of celebrity chefs with whom Ranjan loves to share his passion of Indian culture and cuisine.

He is the founder of Compassionate Chefs Café (www.compassionatechefs.org) and he has worked with
more than one hundred non-profit charitable organizations in the city. He is also an educator. He believes that we are all citizen of the world. His diversity program about India can be described as an edu-tainment to celebrate the diversity in the American society. Ranjan believes that education plays the most vital role in the achievement of freedom from any prejudices. Education also allows us to have a broader world vision.

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