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Once upon a time, Ranjan catered a wedding for a pair of wonderful people who fell in love. They found out about Compassionate Chefs Cafe and the Tenderloin After School Program and became supporters. Over time, those two lovely people had a beautiful baby girl. To celebrate their daughter’s first birthday, they chose to have a Day of Service rather than a party. Because it was their girl’s birthday, who better to help them celebrate than the kids of TASP? And where is the best place to have lunch? New Delhi Restaurant!

So many thanks to Shweta and Rikin for making a great day happen! Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl!

DATE: Sunday, Oct 2

TIME: 12:30 to 3:30 pm

PLACE: New Delhi Restaurant

The Numi Foundation helps provide clean drinking water to the farming communities that grow their tea and also offer experiential gardening, arts and social studies curricula to low-income K-8 public schools. So you can help someone get clean water in India, fill your own cup with delicious tea and help local kids all at one champagne brunch. Not bad for a Sunday!

The event will also feature a special Assamese buffet!
Kumro Bhajji - Pumpkin fritters with black cumin
Narikel Dal - Lentils with cumin and coconut
Papaer Khar - Green papaya prepared with mild spices
Bhindi Sorsori - Okra prepared Assamese style
Koni Alu Pitika - Mashed potatoes and eggs seasoned with mustard oil, cilantro and chopped onions
Steamed rice
Kachumber salad with cherry tomatoes

Payas - Rice pudding with golden raisins
Hurmur Gur - A traditional Assamese dessert with puffed rice, full cream and sweet liquid jaggery
Chai - Spiced milk tea with Numi Assamese black tea leaves

For more information or to RSPV, contact Darian at

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