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Help Us Transform $10,000 To $40,000

Help Us Transform $10,000 To $40,000

We have a unique opportunity to raise a significant amount of money along with the Tenderloin After-School Program. Two of their donors have offered to match our donations up to $100,000!
The money generated by this fundraiser will be used to relocate TASP to their new home. They have been in temporary quarters since the fire of 2012. Our focus will be helping to create an “Inventors Corner” in the TASP classroom. This area will be furnished with tools and materials to help the kids imaginations manifest into hands-on discoveries. Your donation may be the catalyst for the next big invention.

Please help us help the kids of the Tenderloin After School Program!

Compassionate Chefs Cafe is already donating $10,000 - which has been matched to become $20,000. We have until November 15th to raise another $10,000, for a final donation of $40,000! Of course, we would love to raise more than that.

Please join us in this generous and unique opportunity! Your checks can be written directly to Compassionate Chefs Cafe or use your credit card through our website here.

Please make sure that the ‘Compassionate Chefs Cafe’ is the target of your donation.

As always, your donation is fully tax deductible and 100% of the funds go to help the kids of the Tenderloin After School Program and the children of Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

Thanks so much for your continued support. Please contact me with any questions.
-Ranjan Dey, President of CCC

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