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Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Collection

Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Collection

Compassionate Chefs Cafe and New Delhi Restaurant are partnering with Gupri Dosanjh to feed over a thousand victims of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake disaster in Nepal. We have joined hands with a local temple in Nepal to cook and serve these meals for a month. We are gearing up to send a container full of dry and canned food essentials like rice, flour, lentils, beans, cookies, canned vegetables, garbanzo, fruits etc, to Nepal. Our main request is FOOD FOOD FOOD… We will be assisting Dr. Chanjiv Singh with setting up food banks and making sure the temples can accommodate everyone for at least a month with langar (food). Also if you can get baby formula packets that would be great!!

We want to mention our gratitude to Christopher Kretz of the 5433-B Clayton Station Shopping Center in donating and providing a temporary space to collect and organize donations before it is shipped to Nepal. If you wish to donate, we kindly ask if you can also bring a large (4.5 cubic ft, 18″w x 18″d x 24″h) box or a medium (3 cubic ft, 18″w x 18″d x 16″h) box as part of your donation so that we can fill the shipping container efficiently. Donation can be dropped off with our volunteers on Monday 10am-2pm, Wednesday 3pm-6pm, Friday 1pm-3pm, Saturday 11am-2pm, Sunday 11am-2pm. Please call Ranjan Dey at 415.816.4068 to schedule a different time for donations if you cannot make it during above times or location.

Another critical item of immediate necessity are tents. These $25.00 waterproof tents not only provide shelter, but will keep the homeless earthquake victims dry during the heavy rains of the upcoming monsoon season.

A donation page with Heal our Nepali Friends has been started.

Please help!

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